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3 Reasons why this is the right time for you to go for a career in automation?
 Monday, 5th of June , 2017   

The future of jobs is in automation

In the previous 10 years the focus of manufacturing sector, whether it is automotive or aerospace, was on production. The demand for jobs in the next 10 years will be focused on productivity - primarily driven by automation.

In fact, reports suggest that with greater automation, manufacturing sector will cut down on the traditional jobs. So, if you are an engineer beginning your career, not acquiring skills in automation is not an option anymore.

Automation offers fastest growing career

Automation is one of the few fields where the demand for skilled talent is growing very fast. Moreover, the demand is growing in every industry - automotive, chemicals, public sector/government, construction and even the IT industry. Manufacturing companies always prefer an engineer with prior knowledge of industrial automation over a normal engineer. Automation engineers also fetch higher salaries as compared to a normal engineers.

You might be from any stream - mechanical, electrical, instrumentation or electronics, automation offers a full range of exciting and promising careers in every industry

Automation gives you flexibility to achieve high career growth

Jobs in automation are not typical. The scope of work of an Industrial automation engineer is not restricted to any specific industry. You have the flexibility to work in multiple industries and always achieve higher growth in career.

An electrical engineer with a proper qualification in industrial automation can also work in chemical or food industry. Freelancing option is also available, where a professional gets a chance to work in many different industries at different locations.