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Director's Message

Rajesh Jagadale

Rajesh Jagadale
Managing Director
SAGE Automation India

If you are here, it also means that Automation is our common passion. The growth of Automation sector in India has been phenomenal. However, this growth has its own challenges often manifesting as scarce availability of talent for the industry and lack of industry oriented skills for students and aspiring automation professionals.

After conducting a thorough research with over 200 industry professionals, academicians and students, we have designed courses to address three dominant challenges in Automation developing talent.

Focus on Fundamentals:

First, academic curriculum for most courses does not cover automation topics to a depth that is required in the industry. At Just Engineering, it is our undivided focus to prepare participants for clarity in basic and advanced concepts in Automation.

Training on industry-leading technology:

We at Sage India have chosen to use an award winning training kit "TTIM" from SAGE Didactic, Australia. This ensures that participants pick skills that are currently relevant in the industry and will also lead the future. The training kit is designed in to prepare the participants for taking a leap of growth in their automation career.

Practical, hands-on training:

The courses at Sage India are designed around practical industry-like scenarios. Participants are expected to solve multiple, complex problems that they are most likely to face at their jobs giving them a confidence to perform at their best. These three aspects are at the core of every course design. Additionally, we endeavor to equip our students with both technical and management skills, so that they are able to contribute by being excellent professionals. Developing synergy between academic knowledge and technical skill-set in line with industry needs is our immediate mission. The vision that drives this mission is none other than building the best talent pool to serve India's automation sector. "At Just Engineering, we sincerely and strongly believe that a right approach and methodology, not tricks or short-cuts, is the key to solving the talent problem in Automation." I cordially invite you to associate with Sage India and be the one to experience the difference.