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3 Things you should think of after engineering to ensure high growth career
 Monday, 22th of May , 2017   

We have often noticed that students follow many weird ways of choosing career after completing their engineering diploma or degree. Starting from 'my friend is doing it, so it will right for me also' to other reasons such as 'I know a uncle who is working in this field', students base their career decisions on blind following or hearsay.

Here are three things that you must think of after engineering to make the right career move:

Join a sunrise sector to ensure above average growth

A sunrise sector is an upcoming sector that is bound to create jobs, growth in near future. For example, banking or Govt. was a sunrise sector in 1990s, software industry was a sunrise sector in late 90s and so on. Whoever joined bank or a software industry when it was a sunrise sector, ended up doing better than the rest. This happens because the sector is growing faster than all other areas. Clearly, the demand for talent is also higher and hence the companies are willing to pay more. Choosing the sunrise sector for your career ensures that you will continue to grow and lead for a long time.Today, automation, logistics, business intelligence, aerospace are some of the sunrise sectors in India.

Choose something you like to do to ensure continuous growth

You will find many people around who are not happy with their jobs, but still continue with it just for salary. But there are also a lot of people who don't care for salary and love their jobs. You will always notice that its the latter who draw a better salary or grow faster than the former. Career, unlike engineering, is a decision of lifetime. In engineering, if you happen to chose a branch that you did not like, you just have to stay and pass through 3-4 years. But if you choose a career which you don't like, you end up staying with it for life. The best way to ensure high growth is to choose a career in what you love to do.

The first two years after engineering are the most important years in your career

Many students feel that 1-2 years of time pass will not affect their careers in the long term. So, they take up courses or decide to learn something or take up a job, but do not pursue it seriously. What most don't understand is the first two years after engineering are the most important years in your career as it gives you maximum opportunity to learn and do mistakes. Choose what you plan to do in these two years with extreme care as the best possible start will open the doors for best possible growth in your career.