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Learning Environment

Learning environment decides the quality of learning.

At Just Engineering, we understand this like no one else. All key aspects of learning - the center, training kit, facilities, resources are designed keeping in mind the highest industry benchmarks.

Small Batch Size:

Learning environment begins with peers. Just Engineering admits not more than five students for each batch. Participants get sufficient time for practice sessions on the training kit. The discussions and interaction within the team - during lectures, building solutions to exercises given in the class etc. are equally enriching. As a participant you get to stretch your capabilities, set a higher benchmark and achieve highest returns on the time spent in training.

State-of-the-art facilities:

Just Engineering center is located in the heart of the city with facilities that create a positive learning ambiance. As a participant you get a highly comfortable access to cutting-edge tools and technologies. The computers, networks and other systems at our center are designed keeping in mind the international standards and are supportive at every step in learning.

Convenient access to other facilities:

Transport, food, library etc. are very easily accessible from the center. The center location is selected so that meeting early training timings or reaching home a little late in the evening after a long learning session is always convenient to participants, especially outstation students.