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Patrick Yeboah

Name : Patrick Yeboah

Company Name :Endaevour Gold Mining (Ghana).

Feedback : I am an Electrical Engineering Technician from Ghana. I am currently working at Endaevour Gold Mining (Ghana). Sage Automation was introduced to me by a friend and I attended the training in Sage Automation India.
My training at Sage automation India was a very intensive one with hands on practical experience. After the training I have acquired experience in all it is about ... industrial automation and a am now well equipped with both AB and Siemens PLCs.
Actually I recommend SAGE automation to anyone in the industry who want to stand out in the field of automation
The working staff are superb and the trainers are not just experience but experts in the field and they really know what they are about.
Sage also has well equipped labs which they use for their training. Sage automation is next to none when it come to Automation.
Sage is an institution of choice and I never regret going to sage.


Bhagyesh Gaitonde

Name : Bhagyesh Gaitonde

Company Name :

Feedback :After completing my Degree in Electrical. Being a fresher i was pretty much confused, so I I decided to join automation course. I came across Sage Automation for Enhancing my skills in Automation Stream and sage Helped me a lot to gain the required knowledge & Guided me accordingly. The Faculty of sage is really helpful in terms of teaching and knowledge....
I would recommend it to every passed out engineer to join sage, since it will help you to get extra knowledge apart from the book knowledge especially the DIA course where you get hands on experience which is much needed before joining any firm.
I would like to thank all the sage faculty for such an amazing experience.


Asad Abbas

Name : Asad Abbas , International Student - UK

Company Name :

Feedback : I opted for a project oriented course at Sage and it was a great learning experience. They have highly experienced and very good teachers in the field of automation....
Our instructor went from very basics to the advance level and explained the topics very nicely. All my doubts were cleared through during practical sessions.I would strongly recommend Sage Automation to all the students and professionals who want to gain expertise in Automation industry.


Aditya Mohan

Name : Aditya Mohan

Company Name :

Feedback : This is best institute for PLC SCADA courses in Thane. Those who want to get a great practical training in Industrial Automation must attend SAGE Automation training , they have professional trainer's and the best training tools.

Kalpesh Ganvir

Name : Kalpesh Ganvir

Company Name :

Feedback : one of the best training institute for automation course. Labs are well organized, faculties have excellent knowledge about the entire topic. one to one doubt solving sessions are held. industrial overview is discussed during training. Hands on hardware experience is also given.. overall as compare to other training institute SAGE is best.

Susmit karjekar

Name : Susmit karjekar

Company Name :

Feedback :One of the best institute in thane. People who want to make their career in Automation would find this institute very helpful. Great place to grab knowledge with the experience teacher and with proper guide line. Specially in DIA course we will learn how to work on actual industrial projects. I will recommend it to others